How to Export Batch Input Session Log

What is Batch Input Session?

A batch input session is a group of transactions that are provided with user data via a program. These transactions are saved as a lot in a batch input session. This batch input session can be run at a later time in the online system. Changes are made to the database when the session is run. With batch input session, large amounts of data can be entered into the SAP System in a short period of time.

Sometime, we need to investigate the messages/errors that may occurred during the session run. If you need to download or export the log from your batch input session (SM35 transaction) for verifying the errors occurred instead of scrolling through the output log but it is not possible in log detail screen.

However, you can export your batch input logs to the local files for verifying, sorting easier in two ways. The following steps demonstrate how to export session log to your PC.

Export Batch Input Logs to External File (local)


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Held or Parked Document Deletion

If you found the case that there are some documents in the system that cannot be processed by standard SAP transaction anymore due to those documents for which the purchase order has been changed.

These types of documents can be deleted with program Z_MRM_DELETE_PP which is attached in Note 501905. You have to implemented the program in your SAP system, and then proceed as follows to delete the parked or on hold documents.

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Unable to Create PO: No suitable purchase requisitions found

The problem is that purchase order cannot be created by using transaction ME59 (automatic PO creation). When click the execute button of transaction ME59 (after filling in all the relevant values such as purchasing group, purchasing organization, vendor, plant and purchase requisition number), the system show the message: “No suitable purchase requisitions found” (Message no. ME 261). Continue reading

Displaying SAP documents from Archive

The Archive Information System can be used to display archived SAP documents in the single document display.

SARI transaction

The alternative way to display archived documents is MBAL transaction. Then click on the Information system button in menu bar. System will pass you to Archive Information System screen (SARI transaction). Again click on Archive Explorer Button in menu bar.

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