Business Blueprint: Outgoing Payment

Outgoing Payment is the process of making outgoing payment to the vendors. This blueprint covers both manual and automatic payment.

Common Business Requirement

After invoices have been posted in SAP system, payment should be made timely so as to realize cash discounts and avoid late payment interest. In general, the company makes payments to vendors (including staff advances where staff advances are posted in SAP) via one of the following payment methods: Continue reading

Material Requirements Planning Configuration Note

The settings for consumption based planning parameters will determine the method used for carrying out material planning. The data and parameters maintained under this section will be used mainly during the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) execution, which will determine the actions to be taken for materials planning and replenishment.

Configuration Documentation of Production Planning

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Accrual and Deferral Entries in SAP

What is the purpose of Accruals/Deferrals entries in SAP? This guide will show you the example of accruals and deferrals entries in SAP system.

Accrual and Deferral entries will be used for monthly provisions. This process is part of month-end closing activities where we need to keep provision for certain expenses which are supposed to be accounted in a particular month and not accounted for. However, accrual and deferral documents will not be used in year-end closing activities.

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