Duplicate Check for Vendor Creation

To prevent duplicate vendor (or customer) creation in the system, we can use “Message Control for Vendor Master Data” activity (OBA5 transaction)

SPRO • Financial Accounting (New) • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Vendor Accounts • Master Data • Preparations for Creating Vendor Master Data • Change Message Control for Vendor Master Data

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CL479 – You can only copy one object in this mode

When searching material numbers by pressing the F4 button, choose “Materials for class” tab (for example, MB51 – Material Document List). System opens CL30N (Find Objects in Classes) transaction. After searching material with the criteria the result will show on object section. If you select more then one material from the list, the message “You can only copy one object in this mode” will pop up and let you select only one material.

CL30N - CL479

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Data Inconsistency after Upgrade to SAP HANA SPS09 Revision 90

If the data in your SAP HANA database shows inconsistent data after your database was upgraded from a previous SAP HANA revision to revision 90. Databases installed with SAP HANA revision 90 are not affected as long as no data backups created with an older revision are restored with SAP HANA revision 90.

SAP HANA Support Package Stack (SPS) 09 uses a new implementation for the delta part of column tables. The first load of a column table with SPS09 performs a migration of old the delta part into the new delta part. This migration can write inconsistent data to the new delta if the old delta contains statement rollbacks. The inconsistent data can be missing records, missing updates as well as duplicate records.

The HANA data consistency check routine CHECK_TABLE_CONSISTENCY can find duplicate records. However, other inconsistencies caused by the issues described in SAP note 2105764 cannot be identified with SAP HANA revision 90. Continue reading