SAP EWM120 PDF Free Download

EWM120 – SAP Extended Warehouse Management Customizing II


• Configure and use wave management and two-step picking in SAP EWM.

• Configure and use yard management and transportation planning.

• Configure value added services (VAS), kitting and quality management in SAP EWM.

• Describe the cross-docking possibilities, the connection to RF-devices and automatic warehouses.

• Set up the integration of production supply and direct outbound deliveries in SAP EWM.

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How to Check Change Log of Configuration

Normally, we can check change log of configuration in SAP system be selecting the option in menu bar of customizing screen.

configuration change log

The problem is it may take too long time to get the change log if we select long period of time so that the short dump message will be occurred. The alternative way to check change log of configuration is to check directly in table. The table name is DBTABLOG. Continue reading

Material Master Changes Report

To display the changes made to material master. Yes, we can use MM04 transaction or select ‘display change’ in menu bar in material master but is there other ways to help us for checking the material master change log?

The CDHDR and CDPOS table collect changes made to material masters (table MARA). You can see what changes are made by using these two tables CDHDR (header) and CDPOS (items). You can select by specific the fields such as OBJECTCLAS, OBJECTID and CHANGE_IND to get CHANGENR. The date, time, user, and field changed are saved in CDPOS table, along with the the old value and the new value of the changed field. Continue reading