Special fields are not displayed: Line Items Display

After system upgrade to SAP ECC6. In the line item display transactions (FBL1N, FBL3N, FBL5N), special fields are not displayed even though they were maintained in the table T021S using transaction SM31.

It is because an inconsistency between table entries (T021S) for special fields and the relevant data structure (RFPOSXEXT). This could be caused by an incorrect transport or a release upgrade. Due to the release upgrade, the display structure RFPOSXEXT may be reset to the standard setting. As a result, the special fields are lost.

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Label Printing Issue – COWBPACK

Once trying to create new handling unit (HU) label for a material by using cowbpack transaction. System doesn’t generate a new HU.

The COWBPACK (Pack for Work Order) is the standard SAP transaction to print the handling unit label (Goods Receipt of HU for Process Order). It seem like some authorization isse but it happens for all SAP IDs. The detail of the error shows as “CONV_EXIT_FIELD_TOO_SHORTContinue reading

Convert Planned Order to Production Order

Planned orders are created in MRP to cover the material requirements. Planned orders represent a demand to produce (or procure) a material. Planned orders for materials that are to be produced in-house are converted to the production orders.

Planned Order Conversion: There are 2 options for converting planned orders to production orders:

• Individual Conversion
• Collective Conversion

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Purchase Order History Categories in SAP

All purchase order history categories are defined in SAP standard program. It will be updated when you perform the SAP transactions such as Goods receipt, Invoice receipt and more (no where new PO history categories can be defined). You can only maintain texts (short and long text ) of these existing purchase order history categories. However SAP recommend that you should work with the standard SAP System supplied.

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Maintain Time Profiles /SAPAPO/CDPSC4

The time profile can be used to specify a period for planning. However, not all functions or heuristics consider the time profile. Material requirement planing (MRP) function is an example.

MRP occurs independently of time Time profile can be configured in Customizing of Detailed Scheduling or go to /SAPAPO/CDPSC4 transaction directly.

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